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African Dove

South africa

HOT. HOT. HOT. Bird Hunting is reallying heating up in South Africa. Contact John for more details. 2014 packages now available.

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Canada geese

Close to home, great duck and goose hunting a short flight away. Let us put you in the best lodges coast to coast in Canada.

Duck Hunting Argentina style


South Africa

Long known for big game, we have found the ultimate bird hunting experience on the Dark Continent. Ducks, geese, francolin, guinea fowl, quail, doves, and pigeons - all close, all in abundance, incredibly affordable.

Shoot Like A girl



Driven pheasants in Scotland, England, Hungary, Slovakia, and walk up quail, pheasants, plus ducks and geese in Romania. The best hunting traditions, ceremonies, and pageantry that is Europe - all waiting for you.

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Best Wingshooting is a company developed by wingshooters to help others share and enjoy the international wingshooting experience. We believe that you, like us, have a passion for hunting wherever the best in the total wingshooting experience can be found.

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